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11th edition Oenoforum knows all the eighteen winners

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Oenoforum 2018

Czech International Wine Competition

12th edition, 20. – 22. 6. 2018, Brno, Vila Stiassni – Czech Republic

The deadline for submitting applications is 1st June 2018.

Oenoforum – Czech International Wine Competition is the worlds biggest wine competition under the patronage of OIV – International organization for wine and viniculture headquartered in Paris, in the Czech Republic.

The organizer of this spectacular event is Czech Wine and Grape Producers’ Association and is open for all producers and dealers of wine. The competition is open to all grape varieties. Moreover, the grape varieties Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Sauvignon will also be judged and awarded with prizes in their own separate categories. This year marks a 12th anniversary of this competition.

This competition aims to compare wines from all over the world and to highlight the significance of global grape varieties with special focus on those of Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Sauvignon

OENOFORUM – Czech International Wine competition brings a unique opportunity to compare wines from different areas of Europe and the world which are characterized by different terroir, but also wines that are produced using different and very often completely opposed technologies. In the judge panel are the worlds most respected sommeliers, officers of OIV, UIOE and also the best tasters from the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The organizer is therefore the Czech Wine and Grape Producers’ Association with the support of Viticultural Fund of Czech Republic, National Viticulural centre, o.p.s. and other organizations.

The competition is fully compliant to the OIV standard for international wine and spirituous beverages of vitivinicultural origin competitions - resolution OIV/concours 332A/2009.

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Order of the macarons

There is a posibility to order any macarons (Champion, Grand Gold, Gold, Silver) all awarded wines for a labeling. You have to fill in this form and send it to us to email svcr@svcr.cz

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International wine conference in conjunction with Oenoforum 2018 is an unique opportunity for all that work in this exciting industry. From vine-dressers and oenologists through sommeliers to wine dealers. It is a great opportunity that brings the European outlook on topic of each respective edition of this conference. There are three basic factors supporting this concept. The international speakers are always chosen on the basis of their location, so that the experience they bring is motivational and beneficial to the local producers. Part of the conference is also hands-on. Each presentation is enhanced by tasting topic appropriate wines chosen by the speaker. Last but not least is the topic. The topic is chosen in order to highlight the development and innovation within the industry, but also to show the experience of producers from the wine producing countries.

Topic of International conference 2018 – Practical examples of oenological method to big wines.
The annual theme is "Wine and Oxygen".

20th June 2018

Conference schedule

From 8:00 registration

From 9:00 to start the conference

From 9:30 Herve Romat, Bordeaux - main presentation / 2 blocks

From 11:30 Harald Scheiblhofer, Burgenland, Austria

From 12:30 Vladimír Mrva, Slovakia

From 13:15 discussion

14:00 conclusion



13. 04. 2018

Tématem letošního ročníku konference je víno a kyslík

Mezinárodní vinařská konference startuje ve středu 20. června. Základem konference budou i tentokráte mezinárodní přednášky postavené na praktických příkladech a na konkrétní degustaci diskutovaných vín. 

Tématem konference zůstává: Praktické příklady enologických cest k velkým vínům. Ročníkové téma pak víno a kyslík. 

Hlavní přednášku povede Herve Romat, francouzský enolog a mezinárodně uznávaný odborník na enologii a filtraci vín. Druhý v pořadí vystoupí přední rakouský vinař Harald Scheiblhofer. Třetím přednášejícím bude slovenský vinař Vladimír Mrva.

13. 04. 2018

Místem konání Oenofora 2018 je Vila Stiassni v Brně

XII. ročník prestižní a u nás jedinečné soutěže Oenoforum – Czech International Wine Competition se uskuteční ve dnech 20. až 22. června ve výjimečných prostorách Vili Stiassni v Brně. Tato funkcionalistická budova byla postavena podle návrhu slavného brněnského architekta Ernsta Wiesnera.


12. 12. 2017

OIV confirmed the patronage for 2018

Competition Oenoforum 2018 will be under the patronage of OIV, International organization for wine and viniculture headquartered in Paris. This patronage is granted only to a very prestigious global events. Competition Oenoforum is the only project in the Czech Republic, which is proud of this cooperation.

26. 06. 2017

Winners of the prestigious international competition Oenoforum 2017

The winery Mikrosvín Mikulov was awarded for the best collection of this year's international Oenoforum wine competition. The three main champions are heading abroad. Individual successes were recorded by Moravian winemakers in each categories. Oenoforum is organized by the Union of Winemakers of the Czech Republic as the largest international wine competition in the Czech Republic under the auspices of the OIV - International Organization for Wine and Viticulture.

Champion of white wines became Chardonnay a special selection of grapes 2015 from the Slovak winery Golguz - Hlohovec, a champion among the red wines won the Arte Ante 2013 wine from the Black Sea Gold winery from Bulgaria and the champion of the young wines is IM Vinaria Purcari for the wine Pinot Grio By Purcari 2016.

26. 06. 2017

Record year 2017

"This year's eleventh year was a record, 550 wines from 120 vintners were registered. The cooperation with top domestic and foreign tasters was also excellent, and they were able to evaluate wines of exceptional quality, "said the director and executive director of the Czech Grape and Wine Producers Association Ing. Martin Půček adds: "Of course we would like the titles of the champions to the Moravian winemakers, but this year's winners only show the true independence of the Oenofor rating."

09. 06. 2017

Auspicies of Oenoforum

Competition Oenoforum, which took place in less than two weeks, will be under the auspicies of the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic, Bohuslav Sobotka, the Minister of Agriculture Marian Jurečka, the Mayor of the South Moravian Region Bohumil Šimek and the Mayor of Slavkov u Brna, Michal Boudný. We appreciate this fact!

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